Dussmann Deli & Flexible Coffee Bars

Easily integrated in restaurant operations

Dussmann Deli and the flexible coffee bar are two highlights in our catering program. They can be easily integrated into existing restaurant operations.

Dussmann Deli

Dussmann Deli takes fast food to the gourmet level offering:

  • a variety of healthy, delicious food throughout the working day from breakfast to a fast lunch, coffee breaks and a snack for the way home 
  • food made from fresh ingredients and seasonal, regional produce. 
  • environmentally compatible packaging.

Coffee Bars

The coffee bar is always a meeting point and a center of communication. Dussmann coffee bars are modular and can be adapted to your operational needs and your corporate design.

If you would like to learn more about how a Dussmann Deli or our innovative coffee bar concept can be integrated into your operations, call us or write.

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Staff Restaurants

Our staff catering concepts enable you to offer your personnel meals which are light, healthy and balanced.