Clean-Room Cleaning

Professional and Competent

Clean-room cleaning requires specialist knowledge in order to fulfill the strict requirements of the various clean-room classifications in addition to international quality and hygiene standards.

Over and above legal requirements, we follow the site-specific guidelines of each individual client. This may concern the cleaning frequency, specific cleaning methodology or products or measure of airborne particles in accordance with classification.

Our clean-room operatives are well-qualified and are trained in topics such as conduct in clean-rooms and air locks, clothing regulations, specific work processes and documentation, GMP and health & safety. Our specialists have experience in clean-rooms for a number of sectors and are familiar with the various requirements. From the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries to aerospace technology and medical facilities.

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An overview of our services  

  • Clean-room cleaning
  • Clean-room clothing management
  • Laundry
  • Training of own and other personnel
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Clean Room Cleaning

Certified Quality

Clean-room cleaning personnel is specially trained and qualified for the specialist tasks involved according to DIN ISO 14644, VDI 2083 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).